Tips For Finding The Best Tenants

As a landlord it can be very difficult to find and have good people in your properties.  Most people will simply move into your space, destroy it and have nothing better to do then leave, having you on the hook for lost rent, repairs and who knows what.  This is one reason that many landlords will seek help in finding high quality people who will treat the property as if it were their own.  One solution to this problem is to look at hiring tenant screening services in Orlando, FL.

Don’t be desperate

Desperation will cloud your judgment.  If you are desperate to get someone into your property it may be easier to let things go that you would otherwise consider to be a red flag.  You need to relax and let the process work.  If you show desperation you will attract desperate people who will keep you in the situation you are currently in.

Check references

You want to check references and you want to check those references out.  Many people will put fake people or people who will give them glowing reviews all the time.  As a landlord you will also want to be skeptical of everyone that they might know as well. These people might be invited over.

tenant screening services in Orlando, FL

Make your rules firm

In life we don’t have just black and white situations.  In most part, we all live in the grey areas.  With this being said, you do need to have some items that are absolute.  You need to keep people from smoking, drinking, doing drugs, having large parties and trashing your property.  These are of course just examples, but they do prove a point.

Do regular check-ins

Do random and regular check-ins.  You want to drive by in the middle of the night to see what is going on, the same in the morning and at random days and times.  If people don’t think you are looking they will slip up and let their guards down.