Why Janitors Are Still Green

This may surprise some of you. Janitors were always green, back in the day. Back in the day, they did their cleaning chores the good old fashioned hard way. With just a broom, pan, mop and bucket of warm, soapy water. See, no power generated. And cleaning is greening anyhow. Janitorial services in Chicago, IL could be going the same way if it hasn’t already done so. Talk about eco efficiency. Clean, quiet cleaning might work on some people’s nerves but it does work quite nicely on the client’s bottom line.

Janitorial services in Chicago, IL

And of course, it gets the job done. Why would this irritate some? This seems hard to fathom. Could it be that they are just not used to the silence? Because that’s now another green factor to add to the book of green cleaning. Noise pollution has been cut. And that much is official. Noise is pollution. It has been proven to have a detrimental effect on people’s mental wellbeing. And you wonder why you are just so tired after a long, hard day in the noisy city.

Noise contributes towards that tiredness. Now, green cleaning would be hoping to keep the use of vacuum cleaners and floor polishers to an absolute minimum. Because heavy duty power usage could have a detrimental effect on the green economy. But then again, a more eco-efficient cleaning method these days is the use of steam cleaners. These cleaners have the ability to clean carpets, the upholstery on furniture and even walls.

No need to use soapy water to wash away the walls’ paint or dim its colors. Soapy water will, however, still be used to clean windows, both inside and out. Finally, new cleaning detergents are being used. They are organic cleaners with far more staying power than conventional cleaners.